K. Bryant, 24, outstanding bas…ball player

On the afternoon of Friday, November 18, I taught a one-on-one English class in which we  read and discussed an article gushing about Kobe Bryant‘s last basketball game before his retirement. (I have zero interest in spectator sports, so this is a very unusual sort of topic for me to cover. The article came from a magazine the student had selected.)

Late that same night, I checked the Junior Ganymede blog and found a new post, “MVP Civic Repeat,” quoted below in its entirety.

Kris Bryant, the 2016 National League MVP, is a native son of Las Vegas, born in 1992. As is the 2015 NL MVP, Bryce Harper. I am not aware of a third 24-year-old Las Vegan playing in major league baseball.

(24, as it happens, is the number on Kobe Bryant’s jersey.)


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