Treacherous friends, husbands, wives, and children

I read the book of Micah today, the Good News Bible version. Here is chapter 7, verses 2-6.

There is not an honest person left in the land, no one loyal to God. Everyone is waiting for a chance to commit murder. Everyone hunts down their own people. They are all experts at doing evil. Officials and judges ask for bribes. The influential people tell them what they want, and so they scheme together. Even the best and most honest of them are as worthless as weeds.

The day has come when God will punish the people, as he warned them through their watchmen, the prophets. Now they are in confusion. Don’t believe your neighbor or trust your friend. Be careful what you say even to your husband or wife. In these times sons treat their fathers like fools, daughters oppose their mothers, and young women quarrel with their mothers-in-law; your enemies are the members of your own family.

A few hours later, I read the following passage in Ann Shearer’s Athene, page 158.

For with the age of iron, all manner of crime had been born. Modesty, truth and loyalty fled and treachery, deceit and violence took their place. Friend was no longer safe from friend, wife from husband, husband from wife or either from their children’s plots.

The parallels are quite close, including the order in which things are mentioned. In both passages, the disappearance of loyalty is mentioned right after the disappearance of honesty/truth. Then both passages go on to say that you cannot trust your (1) friend, (2) husband, (3) wife, or (4) children — in that order.


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