Crawling with rats

On the night of February 9-10, I dreamed that I moved some furniture and found that the back of it was hollow and full of rats — about eight or nine of them — plus a lot of mealworms and one small yellowish-brown sugar glider. My reaction was, “Well, I guess most furniture probably has rats and things living in it,” and I replaced the furniture without feeling the need to do anything about the infestation.


The next evening (Friday, February 10), on my way home from work, I passed a chain-link fence with a white plastic bag of garbage hanging from it. Something about the plastic bag caught my attention — at first I thought it was a person’s face and hands — and I (quite uncharacteristically) pulled over and went over to look at it. It was full of large brown rats — about eight or nine of them — which had climbed the fence and crawled inside the bag to get the garbage. I stood and watched them for a few minutes, not disgusted at all — they were quite handsome specimens, with sleek fur and intelligent faces — until, one by one, they caught on to my presence, climbed down the fence, and scurried away.


(A precognitive dream? The details are quite different, but I’d still say yes by the Dunne standard: If I had had the waking experience first and the dream second, would I have assumed a causal relationship between the two? Of course.)


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